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We offer coaching and support to


Couples & Families

who are struggling to communicate and connect on a shared level.

We help parents manage the acceptance and appreciation of a diagnosis so that the family unit can thrive. We help individuals and couples through our SOLO and PAIR Methods.

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Jeremy and Charity Rochford

Welcome to Our Neuro Fam! We are a mixed Neurotype family, with extensive experience of coaching and mentoring those who need our help. Jeremy has extensive experience as a speaker and weight loss coach, whilst occasionally generating rip-roaring belly laughs (pun intended) during his stand-up routines. We have been together for over 20 years, and have created a mutual vibe despite our Neurological differences. When Jeremy was “Neuro-questioning” if he was different, both of them realised there wasn’t a solid space or family for other families and individuals to belong to on the journey. Then, NeuroFam was born.

  • We believe that ND couples and families can find happiness in their relationships.
  • We welcome and appreciate all Neurotypes including and/or related to Autism, sensory differences, ADHD, ADD, and OCD.
  • We want to help those who are Neuro-Questioning find their way out of the wilderness.

How we Help

SOLO Coaching

Sorting Out Life’s Obstacles

Have you been identified as Neurologically different, or are you wondering if you or a family member is? Through our SOLO coaching and mentoring, we can support you through the journey and beyond. You don't have to feel alone.

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PAIR Coaching

Preserving Adoration In Relationships

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, particularly marriages, partnerships and couples. When one of the PAIR sees the world differently, the main goal is to develop and nurture a mutual communication style that makes you both share good vibes, and successfully navigate the bad vibes. Let us help you reconnect and strengthen the bond

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Online Group Community

Soon, we will be launching our own community where we can have open discussion, connection groups, Q and A sessions, resources, and an opportunity to dig deep with others in similar life situations. Contact us below and when registration opens for The Fam, you'll be the first to know! 

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