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Are you ready to deepen your understanding, emotional bonds, and communication?


Everyone needs a place where they can call home, and our groups are for you if you or a family member is Neurodivergent, Neuro-questioning, or awaiting a diagnosis. 


Make your New Year's Resolution one of learning and coming together to understand each other better.


Take a look at our upcoming LIVE group courses below.

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Your relationships can thrive despite neurological differences. Our community will help you:

  • Discover more about yourself, your spouse and your children. 

  •  Learn how to communicate, regardless of a diagnosis. 

  •  Feel validated, knowing that others in similar relationships can understand what you've been through.

  •  Be comforted by others who are experiencing the same challenges you are.

  •  Learn how to support and ask support of loved ones.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Neuro Fam, you’ll learn how to finally regulate and find peace with what has seemed overwhelming.

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Jeremy and Charity, or Team Rochford as they are affectionately known, are both certified Life Coaches, specializing in individual, parent, and couples coaching. With their unique combination of professional (Jeremy has his BA in Communication Studies & Charity has her BA in Psychology) and personal (Jeremy & Charity have been in a NeuroDivergent relationship for 25 years and both their kids are on the spectrum) experience, Team Rochford, through NeuroFam, bring a truly unique & balanced approach to coaching.

How is NeuroFam’s approach different from traditional forms of marriage counseling and couples therapy?

It’s action-oriented and results-based.

NeuroFam's coaching is not therapy, it is forward focused, action-oriented and results-based. With a positive approach, ND couples and families can find happiness in their relationships.

The goal of our coaching is to help you improve practical aspects of your day-to-day family life together and change your way of relating to each other so the whole family unit benefits

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