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About Jeremy and Charity Rochford

Jeremy and Charity, or Team Rochford as they are affectionately known, are both certified Life Coaches, specializing in individual, parent, and couples coaching. With their unique combination of professional (Jeremy has his BA in Communication Studies & Charity has her BA in Psychology) and personal (Jeremy & Charity have been in a NeuroDivergent relationship for 25 years and both their kids are on the spectrum) experience, Team Rochford, through NeuroFam, bring a truly unique & balanced approach to coaching.

How is NeuroFam’s approach different from traditional forms of marriage counseling and couples therapy?

It’s action-oriented and results-based.

NeuroFam's coaching is not therapy, it is forward focused, action-oriented and results-based. With a positive approach, ND couples and families can find happiness in their relationships.

The goal of our coaching is to help you improve practical aspects of your day-to-day family life together and change your way of relating to each other so the whole family unit benefits.

Team Rochford Works With

  • Parents of ND children
  • ND Couples
  • Couples' Groups

Jeremy Rochford BA-COM, TI, CLC, MHC, YMHC

With a BA in Communication Studies and over 20 years of conflict resolution experience, Jeremy Rochford is no stranger to the art of problem-solving communication. With two Neurodivergent children and his own later in life Autism Diagnosis, he specializes in helping Husbands and Fathers navigate their own personal & parental journeys as it relates to the Spectrum.

Jeremy’s creative approach has led him to the TEDx stage, multiple books, many media opportunities and most importantly, clients of all ages who are looking for an “Actually Autistic, “For us-By us” understanding.

Jeremy Rochford Works With

  • AS/ND men, marital and life skills coaching
  • Fathers of AS/ND Children
  • Young Adults Looking to "Launch"
  • Men's Groups
  • Wellness Coaching
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Charity Rochford BA-PSY, TI, CLC

Through her experience in corporate HR, as well as various parenting groups, Charity has helped mothers & wives figure out complicated life situations for over 15 years. As the only “NeuroTypical” in her household, she understands the unique challenges that ND/NT couples and families face. Her personal experience(s) coupled with her degree in Psychology & professional life coaching certification allow her to help in ways than many others just can’t.

Charity Rochford Works With

  • NT Women & Spouses of AS/ND Men
  • Marital & Life Coaching
  • Young Women Looking to "Launch" 
  • Mothers of AS/ND Children
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What others are saying

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"Working with “Team Rochford” was beyond anything I expected. Within 15 minutes they understood where my partner and I were coming from and helped bring clarity to the way we communicate in a way that could be mutually understood. I can’t say it enough, working with them has exceeded all expectations."

-Karin N.

Jeremy: I have really appreciated our time together. As a result, I know I will be able to rise and accomplish my goals with passion and an unwavering confidence!

Till we meet again;

-Bryan B.

“I always appreciate the way “Team Rochford” makes me think outside the box.”

-Padmini M.

“Thanks so much Jeremy!! I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you’ve given!! This year is going to be AWESOME!!! “

-Jason D.

“Charity, you are so flipping helpful and reassuring. I can’t thank you enough.”

-Deb F.

“Jeremy, we could not have done this without you. Thank you.”

-Mike C. Jr

"Through his empathic listening and gentle probing, Jeremy reframed my blind spots which led to some startling new perspectives. It was like looking into the mirror and seeing something I hadn’t seen before. The impact was profound and had lasting impact on how I view myself."

-Dr. Patricia A.

“I’ve seen Jeremy handle some pretty challenging questions and he’s always spot on under pressure. I really appreciate our conversations.”

-Dr. Patricia A.

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